One of the most exciting things about blogging for me is getting the chance to collaborate with people from all over the world. If you are keen to contribute to Frankly Books, read on …

Got an idea for a Guest Post?

I often get emailed by people asking to provide a guest post. I am interested in guest posts about reading, writing, publishing books and marketing them. I’m not interested in guest posts that are merely promoting your business or that are a paragraph long with no real substance to them. If you would like to guest post here, please:

  1. Email me at sally(at) with a short summary of the idea for your post. Detail how you think your idea will fit with the content of Frankly Books and why readers may be interested.
  2. Include a link to your blog or another site on which you have featured with a guest post. This is so I can get a feel for your writing style, so choose a blog post to link to that will show off your skill and style.
  3. If you have any specific dates or a timeframe for your post to appear (for example, if the post is to be part of a blog tour or book launch) please be sure to mention this.
  4. You must have an image to accompany your post which is your own.


Want your book reviewed?

Twice a month I write reviews for the ‘Reading’ section of Frankly Books. These are either books I have chosen to read myself or paperback books/ARCs that have been sent to me by reviewers.

I am currently accepting books for review that are for children, middle grade or young adult. I prefer reading stories with a more realistic base (Think Palacio, Dahl, Walliams, Blyton, Cowell, Rowling) and I’m not really interested in strong fantasy or the paranormal (So no aliens or vampires please!) At this stage, I’m happy to consider taking self published or indie books on the proviso that they have been professionally edited and have a professional cover design, at the very least. Or, put it this way, if you or one of your children drew any pictures for the book or if you didn’t pay for someone to help you to improve your writing, then a review from me is not for you.

Reviews will be added to Goodreads, Amazon and will appear here at Frankly Books. As the name of this site suggests, I pride myself on being frank and honest, and your book will be reviewed as such.

If I haven’t scared you off yet and you would like your book to be considered, please send a query email to sally(at) telling me the following about your book:

  • Title
  • Traditionally or Self-published
  • 250 word blurb (max!) (and without giving away the ending!)
  • One other book that you think it is similar to
  • Why you think I might be interested in reading and reviewing it


Author interview, blog tour, book giveaway, cover reveal?

I’m happy to help with any of these. Just contact me at sally(at) and if the dates suit (and the book sounds good!) then I’m in. Please allow plenty of time as these things take a while to get organised.


Looking to advertise with Frankly Books?

I knew it! (Insert massive hug here!) Frankly Books is an exciting, young site that provides readers with frank insight into the world of writing, publishing and marketing their own books. The world of publishing has become a dynamic, changing industry with more books being self-published in both print and as e-books than ever before. You are welcome to purchase advertisements for your blog, author website or any other site to do with reading, writing or self-publishing books. Please do not purchase adverts for your books, as these will be removed


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