About Sally


author1SALLY HARRIS grew up in rural Australia and wrote her first book when she was in Grade 4 – it was a joke book, full of some seriously corny jokes.

Since then she has barely stopped writing stories and while her taste in jokes may not have improved, she likes to think that her storytelling skills have.

After graduating with a degree in Children’s Literature, Sally has been busy writing and working as a primary teacher, in both Australia and the UK, where she has endless classes of children to test out her stories on.

She now lives in Melbourne and when she’s not writing, you can find her teaching, running long distances, drinking chai lattes, reading children’s books and scouring the paper for unlikely news articles to turn into exciting fiction.  She also bakes a mean gluten free cupcake and has never exploded her kitchen cooking any popping finger buns.

Sally loves animals, including penguins, and if she can’t have one of those as a pet, a dog would be the next best thing.

Her first book, the chuckleworthy Diary of a Penguin-napper was released in November 2012.  Ruby Marvellous is her second book, released in November 2013.

Have you got a question for Sally?  Email her at sally@frankly-books.com today!


One thought on “About Sally

  1. Dale Ashton

    Hi Sally,
    I just discovered your website today and have had a great afternoon exploring all your fantastic things. I wanted to say congratulations and thank you for some great ideas. I have a book of poetry being published shortly and was browsing around for some marketing clues. Thanks to you I now have a long list of ideas, now to find some bravery.
    Kind regards

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