Self-Printed Splash!


I’ve been a massive fangirl of Catherine Ryan Howard for the past three years.  She is a the reason that I eventually decided to set up Frankly Books and pursue this whole “self-publishing” caper. And, if I’m being really honest, she is the reason that my books have sold so well.  Her book Self-Printed (the original edition) made self-printing seem achievable, made me think about the whole thing in a different light AND took me through the whole process step-by-step.  It was the best money I spent in the whole experience.

In short, when it comes to publishing a book yourself, Catherine’s Self-Printed is the bible and if you think you can self-publish a high quality book that will look just like the ‘real thing’ and that people will actually want to buy without reading Catherine’s book first, then you are kind of like the characters in Jurassic Park who thought that the dinosaurs would never turn against them.  In short: you need this book.

Today I’m super chuffed to be taking part in Catherine’s Self-Printed Splash, to celebrate the release of the third edition of her book.


To celebrate the release of the third edition of her book Self-Printed, Catherine Ryan Howard opened up her email inbox to eager self-printers to answer their  burning self-publishing questions.

My question for Catherine was: What is your best suggestion/tool/go to site/wildly outrageous idea for promoting children’s fiction?

And her response?

It’s not even slightly outrageous, but I do think video is the way to go for promoting children’s books. Children love YouTube, and parents love navigating to YouTube on their iPads and then handing them to the children to keep them quiet. There’s lots of cartoons and education videos for them to watch, songs to sing along with, lullabies and, of course, story time! You can easily make your own story time video by setting your webcam to record and then reading aloud from your book in your best storytelling voice. You could even subtitle the video so they can read along. I’ve said before that when you create something that promotes your book, it must stand on its own even when you take away the promotion. A story-telling video would do that – take away the fact that you want people to buy your book, and you still have a story-telling video. You can also share the videos on your website and Twitter. That’s what I’d recommend. 

Love it!  For more excellent nuggets of information just like this, get yourself a copy of Self-Printed 3.0.  Seriously


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