Website update (“It’s about time!” I hear you say)


After things didn’t work out for my plans to release Ruby Marvellous in November, the wheels really fell off my self-publishing bandwagon.  I found that I wasn’t interested in reading the blogs I normally follow, like Catherine, Caffeinated and The Creative Penn. I stepped away from blogging here at Frankly Books.  I stopped replying to emails. I found that if anyone asks me about my writing, my books, my dreams, I wouldn’t really engage in the conversation. I totally lost my writing and publishing mojo.

As part of relaunching Ruby and getting my groove back this March, one of the first things I had to do was to update this website.  There was a lot of old info and a lot of tired looking links. As you take a click around Frankly Books today, here are some of the things that you might notice are new/fixed/infinitely better than they were previously:

1. The ‘My Books’ page now features information about both of my books.  Crazy, but true.  You can download their first chapters free (and Ruby Marvellous is still free to download in return for a review over at for a few more days)

2. Both of my paperback books are now available for purchase by Australian readers on the sidebar of my blog.  I’ve also updated the pictures of Penguin-napper to be the most up-to-date, shiny, new edition.  Interestingly, they are both on sale at the moment at 20% off their usual price.  Just saying, if you were thinking of buying one, now might be the time …

3. There is a new ‘sliding drawer’ sidebar.  It’s that pink thing on the left that slides open when you click on it. It will also take you to at the moment.

4. I’ve updated my ‘Tweet Old Posts’ widget so that it only share my newest, most up-to-date posts with my friends on Twitter.  No more old, repetitive tweeteroos.

5. A less cluttered sidebar.  The adverts are out, the broken Pinterest link and anything else that seemed a bit unnecessary. Gone.

6. My Author Photo is going to be updated.  My hair is about twice as big as it used to be and the photo will reflect that.  All the important things, clearly.

7. The ‘About Me’ page has been updated to be even more about me as things are now.

7. Many of these same changes have happened to my Author page over at Amazon Author Central too. Cohesion and matching fonts mean that I can now sleep well at night.

It’s a bit fresher, easier to find what you are after, and I love it.

So, when was the last time you gave your author website a good clean-up?


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