A quick hit of inspiration



So today is the day that I am meant going to be finishing the draft of my new book that has been in the pipeline for a very long time and that I’m sick of having hang over my head for so long.  Naturally, when you’re working towards a deadline, everything else that is on your ‘To Do’ list looks infinitely more exciting than cranking out more words on your manuscript.

As a bit of an incentive, I’ve been allowing myself 15 minutes every two hours to browse the internet (and leaving it turned off the rest of the time) so as to limit the distractions.  In my 15 minute browse just now, I found this super cute poster in the Brown & Barkley Etsy Store.


When I’m having doubts about my writing, I usually come back to something like this – what would make my book more interesting/exciting/gripping/compelling?  Or what can I add/change/improve in my story to turn it into something that my 8-10 year old self would want to read!

Anyway, my time is up so I’d better get back to work (manuscripts don’t write themselves – who knew!) …


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