You can’t run a serious business as a creative person, right?


Before we get started today, make sure you have a notebook and pen handy.  You even like to make yourself a good hot cup of chai too, because this is going to take a minute (well, actually 15 minutes.  Or longer, depending on how many times you decide to watch it!)

I recently came across this video on Ali Edwards’ Blog and put it on the pile of ‘That looks interesting I should really make time to watch that’ and today I finally made some time to sit down and watch it.  Ummm – wow!  I’m so glad that I did.

It’s a 15 minute video from Big Hearted Business which ‘exists to teach brilliant, creative people how to build strong, successful, caring businesses, without compromising their integrity, their health, or their happiness’.  As a creative person, I really love this idea and I can’t wait to see it grow in the future.

This particular inspiration bomb video comes from Kemi Nekvapil (with chalk artwork by Carla Harnett) and after watching it, I just came away feeling so empowered and inspired.  (In case the video below isn’t working for you, you can also get to it here)

Hopefully this has inspired you as a writer today!  If you’d like to see more or to learn more about Big Hearted Business, head to immediately. Love it!


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