e-Book Cover Design Awards, November 2012


Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer began running the e-Book Cover Design awards back in 2011 when he saw that there wasn’t much going on in the way of recognising and appreciating e-Book Cover Design.  He set up his monthly awards as a way of sharing what self-publishers are doing with their e-book covers, getting inspiration for your own design efforts and learning why some covers work better than others.  You can read more about the monthly awards and how to submit your cover here.  Even if you don’t submit your cover, Joel’s site is fantastic for anyone interested in self-publishing.  I definitely recommend it and love sitting down with a warm chai latte to take a look at some of the covers that are submitted each month – even if it is to appreciate the good and cringe at the truly awful!

Back in October, I submitted the cover of Diary of a Penguin-napper to be part of the November 2012 awards.  Whilst I was a little nervous about what Joel would have to say, I had received some great feedback about the cover from readers before submitting so I was hopeful that sharing it on The Book Designer would be a good way of attracting some new readers.

Although it wasn’t the winning design of the 95 Fiction and 16 Non-fiction designs submitted, I am pleased to say that it didn’t get scathed! Woohoo!  While Joel is not able to comment on all of the covers that he receives, he described the one Andrew Brown designed for my book as ‘Love it, cute and it really stands out’ – which compared to some of the other comments is pretty high praise.  You can see the winning entry for November (which is pretty beautiful) here and the other entries too. Seriously, grab yourself a chai and check them out!



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