Hear me on the radio? You sure did!


Every morning my radio comes on at 6am. Even though strictly speaking most mornings I don’t really need to be getting out of bed until 6:30am, I have recently discovered that my alarm clock has the possibility of setting up to three different alarms – the buzzer, the radio or the buzzer and the radio together (although who would want to be woken up by the sound of the buzzer over the top of the radio I’ll never know!)

Anyway, I’m not totally mad. The reason that my radio comes on at 6am is because I find that it gradually eases me into a state of awakeness and also because I’m a little bit addicted to the ‘Chrissie and Jane’ morning radio show that runs from 6am to 9am weekdays. I find the pair of them absolutely hilarious and it has quickly become my favourite way to start the day. Ok, ok. I’d even go so far as to admit to the teensiest of girl-crushes – they’re that funny!

This morning, I was lying in bed half dozing, half listening when I realised that they were talking about great books to read over the summer. They discussed one or two titles that they had obviously been given freebies of and had enjoyed and then they asked for people to call in and suggest other books that people might like to read over the summer.

Well! I went from a state of half dozing, half listening to fully alert as it occurred to me that I could phone in and talk about my book (it’s called Diary of a Penguin-napper – you may have heard it mentioned here once or twice).

I recently read and loved Jane Wenham-Jones’ book Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of? and she has some great tips for making sure people are hearing about your book. One of her tips is to call in to radio programs when they are having discussions and asking for opinions on different things that are in some way connected to your book.

So bolstered by the confidence that if Jane can do it, so can I, I called up the radio program and was actually put through to Chrissie and Jane (Eeeek! Amaaaazing! When Chrissie said the name of my book I thought I would just die of happiness!) We talked about a number of books on air and I even got a cheeky plug in for Penguin-napper!

When I got to school an hour later, quite a number kids and staff members dropped by the Library to tell me that they’d heard me on the air. I had text messages from friends and notes left on Facebook too by people who had heard me spruiking my book. Best of all, that was just the people I know. My mind was boggling about all of the people around Melbourne that I don’t know personally but who now have heard of my book.

And all before 7am! What a start to the day!


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