1 DAY UNTIL LAUNCH: Pippa Middleton, myself and one cheeky gauntlet throw



Earlier this week, The Independent reported that Pippa Middleton’s book Celebrate hasn’t done as well one might have hoped on the sales front. In fact, figures reported sales of just 2189 in the first week and slightly more than that in week two.  These figures are probably most alarming for Penguin who paid Pippa a 400 000 pound advance on the title. Although, I guess given the popularity of her sister, her sister’s hubby and her bottom, such a sum is not entirely surprising.

However, the feedback when it comes to Celebrate has been less than flattering, with the main criticisms being that Pippa’s party ideas lack a bit of … well … very much creativity at all.

Christopher Howse over at The Telegraph gives this example of one of Pippa’s ideas for entertaining:

If you’re stuck for an idea, try a “sack race”. It works like this: “Everyone stands along a starting line and, on ‘Go’, players start jumping in their sacks towards the finish line. Over-enthusiastic racers will most likely get themselves in a tangle and fall.” Yes, I think I get the idea. But how can you tell who has won? “The first person to cross the finish line is declared the winner.”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not out to slam Pippa and her book.  I love the Middletons and Pippa can out-bottom me anyway of the week.  But this did get me thinking … (dangerous I know)… What if – just what if – my measly, though creative, little book, with no hefty advance, no traditional publishers (No Penguin, but plenty of penguins – ha!) and no globally recognised bottom to back it, could do as well as Pippa’s book, just on the back of people getting themselves a 99c copy and then telling their friends about it?  (Oooh gauntlet thrown to you all! Bam!)

Now, that would be something to celebrate …

(In the meantime, I’m going to be busy getting absolutely no sleep from the excitement of waiting for tomorrow …)


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