6 DAYS UNTIL LAUNCH: 6 ways to get pumped about your writing


Sometimes it is really tough to get motivated to write and, if you’re anything like me, I find that the more I avoid it because I think it is too hard, the harder it actually becomes!  Now that I’m only 6 days away from the launch of Diary of a Penguin-napper (in case you didn’t already know!), I’m really pleased that I managed to push through those days when writing was tough because that is how I ended up with a finished book.

So today, I want to share my ideas to help you to get motivated, stay focused and achieve great things in your writing.

Image courtesy of scottwills via Creative Commons.
  1. Set an extraordinary goal – one that is both exciting and has a deadline.  It is much easier to get yourself writing every day if you have something that you are working towards.  Don’t just pick something that will be easy for you to achieve or something you’ve achieved previously, step out of the box and choose to strive towards achieving something exceptional.
  2. Get into a routine and make writing part of your life.  Get up earlier and get your writing done while you are still waking up.  You’ll get a first draft done in no time and you’ll hardly notice the word count growing!  Or if early mornings aren’t your thing, aim to get your writing done before your favourite TV show each night.  Write first, reward later.
  3. Find a writing buddy to work with.  Writing can be a really solitary pursuit.  Find a writing buddy that you catch up with on a regular basis to share stories and ideas.  Or make some friends on Twitter – there are loads of interesting people out there with similar interests.
  4. Plan for success. Ever heard of the 6 Ps? (Perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance!) Come up with a plan for your writing and stick to it.  In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell mentions the “10, 000 hour Rule” which explores the idea that the key to success is based on spending 10, 000 hours practising a specific task.
  5. Prioritise your writing. If you don’t prioritise your writing, nobody else will.  Set aside time and let everyone in your household know that your writing time is sacred. You don’t need a long time to write, but you do nee dot use the time you have efficiently.  Turn off the internet and turn up your word count.
  6. Treat yourself. Buy yourself some nice coffee, lovely stationery or something special that you only get to use when you are working towards achieving your writing dreams.  I have a lovely red teapot that I like to use to make myself a fresh pot of tea before I start writing.  The tea making ritual is a great way for me to get focused and thinking about what I’m about to do when I sit down at my desk.

What do you do to motivate yourself to write?  Do any of these strategies work for you?  I’d love to hear your feedback!  Leave me a comment below …


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