7 DAYS UNTIL LAUNCH: Book Giveaway!


On November 15 (next week), my book will launch and I’m seriously looking forward to it!  To get you all in the mood for a celebration, I’m giving away two copies of Diary of a Penguin-napper.  Yes, you heard me.  Two copies going free and I’ll even let you choose if you’d like to win a paperback or e-book version!

So, how can you enter to win a copy of this amazing, exciting, penguin-napping new title?

Well, I could not have made it easier to enter:

The first winner will be chosen from those people who are signed up to my Newsletter.  To sign up, just click the link above that says ‘Newsletter’ and leave a few details.  It is pretty easy and you need not worry about being bombarded with newsletters.  I’ve got two newsletter scheduled to go out between now and Christmas and one of them will be announcing the winner of this competition.  (Oh and don’t get confused and sign up for ‘Follow by Email’ instead – it would be awesome if you did sign up for that, but it won’t get you into the lucky prize draw!)

The second winner will be chosen from those people who leave a corny joke comment on this post. To leave your joke, just click on where it says ‘Comments’ near my signature below (probably with a number in front, such as ‘0 Comments’).  Make sure you leave your name and some way for me to contact you, along with your corniest joke!

Two winners (from anywhere in the world) will be drawn by lucky dip and will be announced on Thursday 15 November, which is the big launch day!  So, what are you waiting for?


4 thoughts on “7 DAYS UNTIL LAUNCH: Book Giveaway!

  1. This joke is not corny. It is positively excellent.One hydrogen atom goes up to another hydrogen atom and says "oh no, I have a HUGE problem!"What is it? Says the second hydrogen atom."I've lost an electron!" says the first."Oh yikes" says the second, "are you sure?""Yes, I'm positive!"hehe 🙂

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