Wedding in a … library? Sure!


On the weekend, I was privileged to go to Adelaide to celebrate the marriage of my dear friend Abby to her absolutely lovely husband, Kristian.  It was a perfect day in so many respects – the weather, the venue, the ceremony, the company, the food, the drinks (oh the drinks!) – but also, I particularly loved the venue for their reception in the evening.  Why?  Because it was at the State Library of South Australia.  It was a fantastic place for a wedding because it was a reminder to us all about the stories of our lives and that marriage is the start of a new chapter together (Awww factor! And yes – I did have to stop myself from tearing up at several points throughout the day!)

I could go about trying to describe the beauty of the space we were in, not to mention the amazing collection of books, but I think the photos probably do it more justice, with one of them being worth 1000 words and all that!



Up on the second floor (Wedding was downstairs, books were up!)


Yours truly, reading one of the many unusual titles on offer

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